royal institute of philosophy

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks with the start of first year teaching and work on developing our new BA.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy has just posted its schedule for the year. There’s some interesting papers – Stern’s paper in February looks promising and Sebastian Gardner is sure to be good. There’s plenty to skip though. I don’t really need to hear about clearing ‘the ground for a real politics that would jettison the absurd hubris of liberalism and of most “Leftism”. And would jettison the extreme Prometheanism and lack of precaution endemic to our current pseudo-democratic technocracy.’

Stuart Elden shared a History of Philosophy chart. Readers quickly pointed out that the chart was exclusively white and male. I prefer this one much more – I even have a copy hanging in my office. It’s great, though I have noticed other people have a hard time not getting distracted by it when they come in to my office.