Hegel and Meillassoux

In Stephen Houlgate’s The Opening of Hegel’s Logic, he provides a succinct treatment of the difference between Kant and Hegel in which he has Hegel basically providing an anti-correlationalist critique of Kant. This idea of Hegel as an anti-correlationalist came up at the Association for Continental Philosophy of Religion conference a couple weeks back, but it really hit me reading this section. I might be late to the game on this one, but I thought it was an interesting connection.


    1. Do you mean Houlgate’s book or Meillassoux’s? Houlgate’s is excellent. It’s been my guide for reading Hegel’s Logic. Meillassoux’s After Finitude is also good, but it a different way. I’m not really up for making any sweeping statements about the parallels between the two, but there’s been some good general discussion of the book over at http://itself.wordpress.com/.

      1. Ah, yes, Houlgate I meant – should be arriving today, looking forward to it. I read Meillassoux not too long ago, just didn’t buy it. maybe i need to start my own blog and explain why, but maybe i’d just end up looking like an idiot 🙂

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