The schedule for the Centre for Theology and Philosophy’s conference, ”Christian Social Teaching and the Politics of Money: An International Conference on Religion and the Recession,’ has been posted here.  The idea behind the conference is compelling, as is the attempt to address the issue from a variety of perspectives.  Including economists and politicians in the list of speakers is to be commended.

Less commendable is the fact that Philip Goodchild is not giving a keynote address.  It seems ridiculous that someone who has written two challenging and well received books isn’t afforded the time to outline his challenging position.  Oh well.  It’s sure to be an interesting mix of Redy Toryism, leftism without the call to action, and people pretending that conservative religious movements don’t often lead to fascist positions.


  1. ‘burnnnnnnn’

    but yes, i think you get this situation right. the only thing i’d qualify about your critique is the ‘leftism without the call to action’, as it must be said this is not a phenomena specific to theological conferences, but something specific to western academic events tout court.

    most importantly though, ridiculous Goodchild isn’t giving a keynote. More evidence that the name should be changed to the ‘Centre for Theology and Ideology’

    1. I didn’t mean to imply that a failure to call for action was in any way a problem for theology conferences alone. I do think the pious tone of the failure sometimes makes it more nauseating.

  2. Not that I have any idea whatsoever — but is it not possible that Philip is just like out of town or some such?

    1. He’s giving a paper, but as part of a panel. Maybe there was some kind of logic at work. I just think that it is odd that people who have not written explicitly on this subject are giving keynotes and he is not.

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